Types of Car Adapters There are many types of the car adapters like the wireless model, wired modulator, dedicated ipod model and the radio transmitters. Almost all the cars use the wireless transmitters as it works on the transmission of the audio signal and they are easy to install. You can just plug to the power supply and hear the songs and they are in expensive. The wired car adapter has the transmitter along with the antenna to receive the power from the source and also provides static effect. The ipods are most widely used and they are loaded with your favorite songs instead of the CD. They can be easily connected to the stereo of the car; they can be connected to the RCA port that is placed in the back of the system. The cassette adapters are easily available at affordable costs around twenty dollars and they can be connected easily by attaching one end to the MP3 player and the other end to the cassette box. The ipod car adapters offer the flexibility to listen to the music without any interruption while travelling. There are many types of the car adapters available and you can choose the best depending on the technical specifications and the cost. The first type is the wireless type as it is most commonly used because many people will try to avoid using clumsy wires inside the car. The next type is the cassette adapter that has many interruptions of the signals during the transmission. Al the types of the adapter are designed with the car dock and high durability. The cost varies depending on the type of the device you choose. You can check with the different type of the adapters before your purchase. Apple’s ipod car adapters are very popular as they are high in quality and can be modified with the matching specifications. They can also be connected with any type of the MP3 player. If your car has an RCA jack at the back then you can connect any type of pin device to it. The adapter’s one probe end is attached to the headphone jack and the other end to the cassette deck. The wireless FM transmitters are very convenient to listen to the songs as the signals are clear. The Grom Audio car adapter is easy to install by attaching the adapter to the interface and the instructions are listed in the user manual. The can be accommodated to different types of vehicles, and the main advantage of this device is that the sound is very clear inside the car with the appropriate interface. The sound can be controlled by the various knobs and the buttons in the system.