Truth About Abs For Your Perfect Body

A perfect body shape and weight is what we all crave and the first thing everybody wants to do is replace the extra fats on the belly with toned 6 pack abs. This is a good vision, but you don’t know where to start, right? You might have spotted your neighbor having a couple of exercises and that does not mean you start doing them as well. Different exercises are for different purposes, meaning, there is a unique set of exercises that is specifically for the abs. Herein, you will find the truth about abs in your routine procedures of trying to regain perfection.

If your aim is to work all your abs at one go, then the best option for you is walking and running. By walking, I mean, try making yourself struggle by walking and climbing steep, wavy paths. To see quick results, try brisk-walking every day. Another important thing while walking is to make sure you occasionally tighten your muscles while swinging your arms. You are also needed to drink a lot of water to compensate for the dehydration that comes with the workout.

If you need to work your rectal abdomen, the best approach is to do sit ups. The rectal abdomen is the biggest ab-muscle in your body and is responsible for spine-flexing. When you begin doing sit ups, make sure you set a minimum target that you will have to beat every day. Make sure the target is fluctuating, i.e. be increasing it daily. For instance, you can begin with a minimum of 10 on the first day, and then increase it by two on the second. Continue with the procedure till you realize results.

You also need to work your external and internal obliques. For the best results on these areas, you need to do workouts such as side-bends and twisting crunches. For the side-bends you can as well hold light weights in your hands to increase the pressure on your abs. Beware of hurting your back if you do it the wrong way. If you feel some pain sensations while doing this, do not strain too much or do not carry weights while doing side-bends.

Another area that needs attention is the transverses abdomen, commonly known as ‘lower abs’. After pregnancy, most women concentrate on this section to reduce the bulge. Unlike with sit ups where you bend your upper half, when exercising for this, lie down and raise your legs in a sequence. This could prove to be a little bit harder than sit-ups, but with time you will get used. At first, you might need an assistant who will help hold your upper body while you raise your legs.

These are just but the main approaches you need to follow for masculine and good-looking abs. You only need to know that nothing comes easy. These workouts can be really tiring and boring at times so you need to be patient and persistent. You should also know that after the first time workouts, the abdominal muscles really hurt and so, this should be taken as normal and not some kind of injury.

Give The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program a Shot And Get the Celebrity-Type Physique

Believe it or not, but the way to six pack abs is long, tiring and demanding. Those who say there is no right or wrong way to get a 6 pack abs, they are incorrect. Nothing works well without a plan. So, when you are planning to achieve a well-toned body like 300’s Gerald Butler you must know the truth about six pack abs program. The program not only helps you look attractive but also energize your body and mind.

What is this six-pack abs program all about?

The Truth About Six Pack Abs by author Mike Geary is not just a bunch full of information compiled in a book, but it’s more like a program that takes you though stepwise procedure and strategies by which you can get the desired figure. It claims to provide real time solution to add sexiness to your muscles without resorting on any of the conventional techniques and harsh diets present in the market. With this plan you are going to cut all the useless craps and go straight to what you require in order to get a lean, compact and healthy body. You can maintain that alluring physique for the rest of your life if you follow and apply these amazing tips provided in the program.

Every bit of information and tips in the manual are well proven by years of research. The hands-on experience of more than one thousand clients of Mike also reflects its effectiveness. Both nutrition strategies and unique exercising tips have shown effective results and it has been proved time and again that these stuffs work! Customers who have accepted the program and followed its chapters, they have seen tremendous transformation in their physique.

Let’s see what the author claims

· Bid good bye to sit ups and push ups

That’s one heck of news for couch potatoes! The program will take you through fun exercises in place of hard crunch ups. Your lazy libidos will be stirred up and you will find yourself having fun during the weight loss session.

· No more fake fat burning medicines

There are many who opt for short cut ways to get the firm body like celebs. But do they really work? How many of you have already completed on course of these scam pills and ended up with no result? These medicines do more bad than good – no, significant result but adverse side effects! Mike’s 6-pack abs program will never ever tell you to gulp these pills.

· Get rid of ineffective belly – fat burning belts and muscle toning gadgets

It’s a matter to wonder why actually people fall for these scams. You will come across loads of products advertised on television and online platform these days. But they skillfully play with human emotions to sell their product. This program is free from all such fraud schemes. It is a do-it- yourself course and doesn’t give you false hope.

· Say no to fad diet plans

Here is another scam! It’s time you face the truth. Your fad diets and strict eating regimen is not going to help you ever. Such untrue advises are only meant to waste your time and patience.

· Cardio workouts – they are boring

Getting a firm physique just by cardio exercise is a misconception. No one has ever achieved the photo-shoped abs by simply doing cardio. Besides, they are as dull as dish water! The author tells you to stop doing the boring stuff from now onward.

What Is Included In the Truth about Six Pack Abs Program?

The program comprise of 13 episodes excluding one please-read–first guide. The first chapter is the introduction. Here the author talks about his personal experience as a fitness trainer. How people are obsessed about six pack bodies and yet they do so less to achieve that figure. This training book is all geared up to fulfill those obsessed wishes with the right proportion of exercising and eating, not too much; not too little. The second chapter is “Relative Illness or body fat %”. In this chapter you will know how abdominal muscle growth can give a ripped six pack appearance and what percentage of body fat is actually required for men and women to see quicker results. The third chapter takes you to the science of abdominal muscle development and recommended exercises. The fourth episode discusses resting metabolic rates and daily calorie required for lean body mass. The 5th lesson provides insight on single joint vs. multi joint exercises; full body training and effects of metabolism on body.

How free weights are better than machines is described in chapter 6. Next chapter deals with cardio problems and author’s solution for those problems. Episode 8 makes you aware of how much of what is to be done and at what frequency. Ninth chapter reveals secret weapon exercise, full body work out explanations with proper examples. In chapter 10, know why not to follow fad or cash diets, know the insulin process and glycemic index of foods, two evils in your food, balanced meal plans with samples. To get a lean-toned body quickly, bank on magic tips of chapter 11. Get all your common concerns cleared in 12th chapter. The last chapter ends up with author’s final thought and the synopsis of the whole program.

Who Can Make Use of This 6 Pack Abs Training?

It doesn’t really matter if you are a man or a woman, old or young; the truth about six pack abs program is for all. You have to adjust things to your capability and levels, otherwise the concepts remains the same. Further, you will find the book presents individual routines with example for beginner to advance level. People who will get most out of the program are:

· Bodybuilders

· Who want a sure shot solution that effectively reduces weight

· Media artists

· Who do not want fake medicines, harsh diets or boring cardio workout

· And off course those who want six-pack abs like models


When you can try out expensive slimming bets, harmful fat- burning pills and useless weight loss classes, why can’t you try this do-it-yourself, natural 6 pack abs building program? It is systematic, natural and requires very less attention to follow. The truth about six pack abs program is highly recommended to those who want to get the macho avatar by opting safe and proven method. To know more visit the truth about six pack abs program.